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Impact. Inspire. Connect. Encourage.

Tune in every 2nd & 4th Friday!


The Joule Drop


Live Episode Every 2nd & 4th Friday

Listen here or on your favorite platform such as iTunes and Spotify! 


Our Story

NaKeisha “Natural Keish” Dawkins and Nina “Nina Renesie” Anderson, two corporate America mompreneuers, with a background in IT, who also happen to be friends launched The Joule Drop in April 2018 to bring conversations that impact, inspire, connect and encourage the Xennial generation in every area of life (life, love and everything in between) to the forefront. 


Our Objective

By using our platform responsibly, our primary focus is to provoke a generation of men and women to expand their scope of vision, have courageous conversations around day-to-day life experiences, and thrive. We hope to build the esteem of our listeners by providing a safe space where dialog can take place and providing tools to help navigate those challenges.  

We plan to help the Xennial generation tackle some of its biggest concerns around mental health, relationships, faith, finances, establishing healthy boundaries, business and much more. 


To date we have not seen any radio shows or podcasts remain successful or experience longevity targeting our particular microgeneration. 


Given the fact that we had an analog childhood and digital adulthood and still so much life left to live we face some unique challenges around communication.

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